Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 5: Summary

This is more detail than you are interested. So, I am blogging just for my record.
  • I have lost 4 pounds from the start of my training. I have not set a goal nor am I interested in pursuing any weight loss program. All I want is a healthy mind in a healthy body. Rest are all details
  • When I am running, my heart rate used to stabilize around 170 beats/min. This is really high. That was because I never had done any cardio workouts for a long time. After 3 weeks into regular training, I noticed that it is getting stabilized at 157-159 beats/min. Starting this week, I am planning to incorporate more X-training/non-impacting cardio workouts. That should help me pull down the equilibrium heart rate even down. This is very important because lower this stabilized rate, longer I can run without getting tired.
  • Training for a running event is more about general fitness and less about running per se (2 days of running out and 4 days of cross training and core workouts). I would not have known this on my own. This is where most of the on-your-own tryouts fail. When I prepped (bootless attempt) for Big sur marathon, I tried running all 5 days and by the 2nd week got all kinds of pains and dropped out.
  • In the coming weeks, I have to focus on weights training. My aim is to get through the push ups without wussing out (like I did last Tuesday ;-))

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