Friday, February 20, 2009

Week5: Coach's workout

The first 2 sessions at the Los Gatos High school tracks were a breeze. The coaches showed us some stretches and the runs in the tracks were not continuous as well. So, I was expecting similar easy workout this Thursday. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening ! The workout started with 2 rounds warm up and stretches (So far ok.. no complaints). The the coach said we are going for a 6 min run (2 to 2.5 rounds around the track depending upon your speed) followed by core strengthening workout. Earlier it used to be 6 min run followed by "loosening up". This time it was core bootcamp. 6 min run/coreworkout repeated 5 times. It got excruciating by the 2nd rep for me. So, I cheated in all possible manner on the core workout (I did my pushups with knees on the grass tee hee :-)).

Also because of the breaks in rhythm, I did not run as smoothly as I did my Tuesday run. This may also got to do with the food. On Tuesday, I had a good foot long sub sandwich 3-4 hours before the run. On Thursday I had fatty food (mattar paneer) for lunch. I have to some trial and error to find out. It is hurting till Friday.. Hope my sat run doesnt get affected due to this!


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