Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week 6: Good, Bad, the Ugly .. ..and Good again

'Twas the best of the weeks and it was the worst of the weeks.. Had a great start. This week, I started with the weights. Having a good core is key for good stride, rhythm and stamina while running. With the kind of shape I am in, I wont recognize a core if it falls right on my lap! Over the next couple of months, I am planning to change all of that (Yeah right.. I will be the governator). Ok.. so, started well.. that is the Good..

There is a bug going around at workplace and at home. I caught it and by Tuesday I was walking like a zombie.. red eyes, uncouth hair and the works.. Initially I thought it was the pollen allergy. So took a couple of anti-histamine and thought that would subside the allergic reaction. It did not help. That was the bad.

By Wednesday, I was in the same shape as I was in week1. So, called a day off, stayed home and got some shut eye (with claritin, paracetamol, delsym, nyqil cocktails). And in all of this, I missed 2 days of workout. These were supposed to be the buddy run (4 miles) and crosstraining days. That was the ugly.

Thankfully the rest and the pills worked and when I woke up, I felt sweated out and better. I pushed my luck and showed up at the tracks on Thursday. The energy of the crowd masked any of the discomfort from my illness. The tracks went very well (and hurray, someone discovered the light switch, this time we really had the lights ON!). That is the good again part !

This week is an on-your-own run week. On Saturday, I just completed 6 miles circuit around the Evergreen neighbourhood. If you were in that area and you saw a pear shaped guy running the high slopes of Evergreen, that is 'yours truly' ;-)

Next week, I am hoping for a better continuity at cross training. Next saturday, we have a 10 miles run.. Gearing up for that.

Have fun,

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