Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week13: 16 miles run is a success... but !!!

We met outside of Woodsite Town Hall in the morning and started our run from there. This run was hosted by the mid peninsula team. Woodside, CA is your typical Silicon Valley snobby town/village. The residents actually don't want anyone of you in their town. In spite of that, the runners, bikers and all nut cases like us swarm their town content with screwing up their happiness.

Now, to the trail itself. This is one of the most difficult terrain I've run so far. If we were not running on the pavement, we were running on uneven trails. That didn't seem to bother me during the initial miles. But once I got into double digits, this had a telling effect on my knees.

The team has done as much as possible to mark the trail. But, may be due to restrictions from the town, the trail did not have any mile markers. So, throughout the run, I was simply guessing the mileage based on the time. Towards the end, I lost hope as the pain aggravated. But luck favored me at the last water stop. I thought I had 4 more miles to go when in reality there were only 2 miles to cover.. Sigh of relief!! With that renewed energy, I limped as fast as I could to the finish line.

In the end, I completed a 13 minute mile run. I have reset all my expectations on timing. Right now, I have only 2 goals for my final marathon day 1) Do not die, 2) Cross the finish line. I have removed all goals related to timing ;-)

Until 13 miles, it was a breeze. I was clocking 10-11 minute miles. After that, as if someone switched a toggle button, every step was a pain. I have to do some serious strength training to casually complete the 26.2 miles. But in my condition today, I could not dream of completing another 10.2 miles... So, honestly, I am starting to get scared... then again, a little bit of fear is a good thing !


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