Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week17: Reasonable workout + 12 miles weekend OYO run

Even after I consciously removed the "time" out of the equation for a couple of weeks now, only now it is settling in to my subliminal mind. This week, I focused all my energy into reducing pain and finishing strong.

My favorite quote is, "I don't have to sandbag .. I am a natural". Then why would I push through my pain, and run slowly with no rhythm or life, instead of taking a break, walk for 2mins every 2miles (or 1 mile), take that time to sip water/electrolyte, stretch a bit and run rejuvenated? Beats me!

This week, that is exactly what I did - both on my Tues run (4 miles) and on Sat run (12 miles). Feels good to finish with some more energy to spend.

The Thursday coach lead workout was interesting. We have to get ourselves into a team of 2, surrender our watches, guesstimate when we would finish a combined 4 miles run. We got pretty close to our guess (just overestimated by 50 secs). That's pretty good.

This week was also the surprise baby shower for our super performing manager - Becky. The coaches dressed in baby costumes (bonnet, bib, oversized diaper with jumbbo pin - the whole 9 yards). Lots of spirit, I gotta give it to them.

My 20 miles run isn't for another 3 weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to break in my new shoes by then.



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  2. Sai, your guestimate is pretty good. We did this for 2 miles few weeks ago, and our guess was pathetic. We guessed we would run 2 miles in 21 mins 40 secs considering I had some pain and my partner's knees were hurting. We finished in 16 mins. 8 mins / mile. :)) I have never run that fast. I guess, the competitive spirit and breaks increase your speed. Gotta work on timing.