Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week 18: New shoes taking the pain of the knee

Seems like the new shoes are working good. I havent got any knee pains this week. I am going easy on running and doing more aerobics (Biking, Elliptical) and stretching. The coach's workouts are getting easier because we are tapering down for the San Diego runners. In our group we have 2 runners training for Seattle marathon and 30+ training for SD. It is working good for me since I am getting all the additional workouts.

This week the regional run was at Coyote Creek. 16 miles distance. The weather was way better compared to both Woodside and Monterey runs. So, I finished with less fatigue, less pain (thanks largely to the new shoes) and better pace. I am back home and planning to just relax for the rest of the weekend.

The new shoes might need some tweaking since the foot is not feeling very comfortable now. May be if I break it, it will get better. But, I aint taking any chances. I am planning to visit the 'Running Revolution' early next week and get 'em checked.

Only 30 more days to go..


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