Saturday, April 4, 2009

Week 11: That wretched bootcamp again!

After 3 consecutive weeks of running on the trails / new places on Thursdays, I was expecting similar fun this week. Instead, we got the core boot camp again.. That's the one I dread most.. (Oh well.. I always cheat on these.. but still I dread). 6 min run followed by pushups/ab crunches repeated 5 times. Towards the end, I was not sure what I was looking forward for the 6 minutes of run than the rest(!) break..

One plus point of these tracks is that I feel energized at the end of the workout. While driving to Los gatos, I almost feel like sleeping (The mind constantly playing these qns. what did I got myself into? Can I just turn and go home? No one is going to notice my absence ;-)).. But just after the warm up, I dont think about it and I even start liking it 2-3 rounds later. As the great bard said (or may be he didnt), "It is all in your freakin' mind" :-)

This weekend, we are gonna do a 14-mile run !

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