Saturday, April 4, 2009

14 > (12 +2)

Just got back after running 14-miles @ Almaden Lake park. 2 weeks back, in capitola we ran 12 miles (wharf to wharf and back) - no sweat. I was pleasantly surprised and was feeling confident (almost over-confident) that it aint as bad as I thought. Also, in the last 2 weeks, I was more disciplined in work outs compared to previous weeks.

In spite of that, I got a bad butt kick and a rude awakening today. I huffed and puffed the last mile! First, the 14 miles were not marked as well as they were during previous runs. The trail was tricky. It was not a 7 miles to and 7 miles fro. It was more like 1.75 miles to, 1.75 miles fro, followed by 4 miles trail, 0.75 miles to and 0.75 miles fro, 0.5 miles to and 0.5 miles fro and back on the ole 4 miles trail (ok.. add it up.. it will eventually come to 14 miles). That killed my concentration. But it is not all that. I think my natural limit is 12 miles. I had pains when I was running my last mile. That never happened during previous runs.

After I completed, I could hardly walk. That was bad! I did some quick stretches, sipped some electrolyte crap, ate the dry toast and drove back. I did my usual ritual of icing back and forth in the pain areas. But, longer than usual. Hope the recovery will be smoother. To think that I have to run 12.2 miles more gives me angst! I have only 83 more days to go. I should strengthen my back, calves and quads... and.. I shouldn't get hurt.. Will keep you posted.

Ok.. now I am stinkin'.. Gotta take shower and stuff myself with food..

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