Friday, March 13, 2009

Week8 : got my ass kicked at coach's workout

This week's coach work out on thursday was held at los gatos union high school as usual. The difference is that instead of running at the tracks, we ran on the trail in "indian running" formation.

4-5 people in the same wave (speed), run in 1 file. The team takes turn in leading the formation. This sounded fun but I didn't know what I was getting into. The catch is that the entire formation has to run at the speed of the leader. the front runner sets the pace.

There were 5 in our group and we were tasked to run 20 mins each way. So, if I do the math right, 80 percent of the time, one has to run at a pace somebody else sets. Man, was it grueling (especially when I was the slowest runner ;-)).

Every formation had its own coach who also functioned as mentor, cheerleader and slave driver at various times. Due to this push, I was able to stick with the formation till 36 mins. In the last switch, I ran out of breath and dropped off. I walked for 1 min and then completed the run alone. I should have just hang in there :-(

Disappointed and disgustedly yours,

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