Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week4: Coach's workout

Today we did timed track at Los Gatos High School. The trainer had the wrong keys to the lights room and so we all ran in the dark. It wasn't that bad. We had 2 laps of warm-up followed by stretches. The main work out was on the tracks with the coach timing our run. It was 1 lap-rest-1lap-rest-2laps-rest repeated twice. When we run the laps, the finishing lap should be faster than the first one. So, controlling the speed in first lap and running slower than what I usually run (it is very hard to do that :-)) is the only way to achieve that goal. But I did not realize how hard it is to control the speed initially and switch on the "Turbo" towards the end. It was a good work out. The timing was "2:57,2:10,5:09 :::: 2:50,2:20,5:20" run. The coach said there will be a marked improvement between this and post training. They keep saying these things to keep you motivated ;-))

BTW, got the group photo clicked during the orientation meeting. Attached for viewing pleasure !


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