Sunday, June 28, 2009

26.2 captured

Happy to say that the run on 6/27 went fine and I ran past the finish line full of beans. It was sunny and warm (not like Seattle). So, played it safe from the start. Took hydration (Cytomax and Water) at all water stops, kept munching on the hammer bar, chewing the Gu chomps and sucking the Gu gel at frequent intervals. So, I must have actually put on some weight during the course ;-)

Coach Kirk ran with me from miles 22 to 26 engaging me completely (and then he went back to mile 22 to accompany another team mate). He was very encouraging and without him those 4 miles would have been harder (Thanks Coach Kirk - you rock). At 26, my mentor cheered me and ran with me to the bend (the best mentor Grace Thompson :-)).

I was planning to complete in 5:12 but it took a little more than 6 hours due to my taking it slowly. That does not matter.. I crossed the line and am able to walk without pain now. That matters a lot :)

Will followup on the run, the course and reflection of the past 4 months when I return to San Jose.


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