Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week 15: 18 miles - not as bad as the Woodside run

I ran 18 miles in Campbell park. It could have been a replay of Woodside in terms of pain. But I tried a lot of things differently. First, I did not skip and hydration stops (gatorade every 2 miles, Gu gel every 4 miles). Second, I ate more (dry toast and oatmeal). Third, when the pain started around 9 miles, I walked for 2 minutes every time I completed 2 miles. Fourth, I liberally interspersed calf and quad stretches every 2 miles (after 9 miles).

These things slow down the timing. But, I crossed the finish line, much relaxed, with less pain and surprise..surprise.. my 18 miles in spite of all the 'overheads' took the same time as my 16 mile run @ Woodside.

I still have to recover this week because without any gap, I will have to run 20 miles in Monterey next week (not the week after!)

Wish me luck for the 20 miles run,

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