Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week 12: 12 miles OYO run!

I chose the same Evergreen area, on the road run for my 12 miles run. I am now glad that the ups/downs/flats don't mess up with my speed any more. It just messes up with my IT band! I got severe but bearable pains while running the miles 3 and 4. I kept up with it because I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve for recovery. So kept sucking on my gels and hydration through out the run. I did not stop for water breaks since I was carrying the hydration pack with me. I also found that by the time I got into mile 8, the pain has virtually disappeared.

Later, after completion of run, I just realized that it was the adrenaline that was masking the pain. As soon as I stopped, I got the pain in my IT band. Ok, now to the couple of tricks up my sleeve part ;-). While doing the usual ice pack on the sore spot, I sipped Cytomax antioxidant recovery powder mixed with water and sucked on my 3rd Gu gel. After that I took one OTC ibuprofen tablet. Then, I filled the bath tub with cold water. Getting into it was a psychological exercise. I'd already given advanced notice to Priya to ignore any screams coming from the bathroom. I screamed to my lungs content for the first 20-30 seconds. After my body acclimitized with the cold water, I added 7 lbs of ice cubes to the tub (another louuuuuddddddd screeeaaaaaaaaammm at the top of my voice). I sat for 10 minutes and then got out. Right now, I feel I can run another 12 miles (Heee hee just kidding, but really, no pains).

Now, you may ask, "What would George Costanza do?" ... The answer is simple.. If you are uncomfortable about the skinny-dipping, you dont have to go in polar bear.. just wear a sweat pant and get into cold water.. the effect is exactly the same (... and NO shrinkage after-effects ;-))


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