Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Week1: Got inspired... and Got Sick!

After the initial information session, I got totally inspired. The training coaches advised me to do some regular warm-up exercises (ellipse, treadmill and some indoor activities) until end of January. The first boot camp starts only in the first week of February.

So, what did I do? I came home, wore my cotton T-shirt, track suits, my old sneakers and headed out. It was 32 deg outside (Yes, you polar bears from elsewhere, the denizens of the SF Bay area are delicate). I did not wear any head/ear protection. I caught some bug and had a severe strep throat. I did not bother to give any fight. I just went with the flow and let it run its course. The antibiotics for my tonsils flare-up wore me out.

It did not quite start well.. Hopefully, it gets better from here!

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