Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week 3: Coach's work out

We had our first track workout @ Los Gatos High School. Google map completely messed up the directions. I had to resort to the good ole way of asking directions at Chevron. I went in 15 mins late. But since it was the first week, the intro sessions were going on. We did a 6 min run 1 min walk around the track for 2 miles. It was preceded by a good stretching session (almost felt like a workout). After the tracks, Rol, the honoree for this event, shared his experience with Leukemia. It was inspiring to hear Rol and his wife talk about the trying times and how they handled it with grit and humor. Rol was cheering for us when we were in the tracks and he joined us for the Sunday run as well. It puts every thing in perspective.


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